ROCKETS fire ROCKETS at ROCKETS in this action-arcade, arena-combat festival-of-fireworks!

It's dogfighting meets figure-skating in space with multiplayer and single-player fast-paced combat modes plus a ZEN MODE where ROCKETS learn to LOVE.

ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS launched on Steam's Early Access category May 2nd, 2014 and has received wonderful feedback and enthusiastic players. We are so excited to launch fully on May 1st and we hope you will join us!

"Intense air combat figure skating game"
-John Polson
"[...] a constant interplay of figure-skating-like twisting aerial pursuits and dropping countermeasure mines."
-Plus10Damage, M. JOSHUA CAULLER
"This is impressive, as I have not often felt this freedom of movement and control equality in a multiplayer action title."
-Video Games and the Bible
"It's almost like a ballet instead of warfare. That's beautiful, man"
-Destructoid, Brett Makedonski
"There's lots of ballistics. So much so that it engulfs you entirely. You aren't a person sitting in a rocket; you ARE a rocket. "
-Kill Screen, Chris Priestman
"It's a 2D physics game about dancing and flirting. It happens to use rockets, but believe me when I say it's a game about flirting. [...] ROCKETS ROCKETS ROCKETS is really special."
-Ramiro Corbetta


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